Save Me A Spark

Yesterday I spent the entire day at Vans Warped Tour. This was my second time at warped and I had an amazing day watching bands and meeting people. 

One of the things I got to do was go to a class with Kellin Quinn and Nick Martin of Sleeping With Sirens. In this class they talked about what inspired them and gave them their spark. Music.

It got me thinking about what my spark is. Writing. 

Basically the spark they talked about is what makes you feel good or like you’re contributing to your world. It’s what you’re passionate about and you love doing. For me that’s writing.

I’ve known since my freshman year of high school that I wanted to write books for a living. It’s something I love doing more than anything. A year after that I finished my very first novel. I wrote it by hand in a notebook that was supposed to be for my biology class. 

But writing led me to create so many things. It led me to want to draw, to sing, to take photos. Writing weirdly opened up an entire creative world to me. It led me to friends I never would’ve met otherwise. And it’s given me so much happiness. 

The way Kellin and Nick talked about their spark, I know that writing is mine. Writing is probably the spark for a lot of you, too. But I want to hear it anyway. Tell me: what is your spark?



Author: In the Land of Pages

College Student & Author Sometimes I'll talk about music or my life but most of the time it'll be books, reading, writing & that sort of thing. Recommendations welcome anytime!

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