Balancing Act

Hi there! So I’m heading back to school tomorrow (boo) and start classes on Wednesday (yikes). And since I am still waiting to hear about Pitch Wars (even though I have a pretty solid idea where I stand there) I’m not editing my MS. Instead, I’m working on two new projects that I am in love with.

It’s pretty weird working in an entirely different world than the one from my first book. One of my projects is set in two separate universes and another is set in our world like my first MS. Except this time it’s without the magic added in. 

I’ve been working pretty steadily on those two projects, switching off and trying to reach my desired word count for the week on each one. So far I’ve made a decent dent in both.

Now that I start school though things are about to change. This past month I’ve been able to sit down and spend as much time writing as possible since I worked from home. Now I’ll be balancing writing with classes and assignments. This is something I’ve done poorly in the first two years I’ve been in college and for this year I’m planning to do things differently. This year I have a plan of attack.

So in order to meet my internal deadlines and make wc goals each week I’ve decided to set aside a time to write every day. I’ve also put a set wc goal on my writing and I intend to meet that goal (if not exceed it) every day. Other people I know have done similar things and it’s worked very well. I’m an extremely chaotic person so I have no idea if working under a schedule will help me or not, but I thought it would be a place to start at least.

Anyway that’s the update on my life. I hope you guys are good. Go read a good book. Or if you want go write one!



Author: In the Land of Pages

College Student & Author Sometimes I'll talk about music or my life but most of the time it'll be books, reading, writing & that sort of thing. Recommendations welcome anytime!

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