Introducing . . . the Villain-A-Thon!

Yep. I said that. I’m planning a read-a-thon. A villain read-a-thon no less. Most of you may be wondering “why?” Well, because I want to. And because villains are fun. And because books!!!

Okay, I’ve obviously convinced you by now. But in case I’m wrong, let me tell you some more about it.

As I’ve said, it’s a read-a-thon. Which means y’all better have a damn good TBR set up for it. I don’t know for sure what mine will be yet (I’m in the process of settling it right now) but I know it’s gonna be amazing and full of books I cannot wait to read. Some books have been on my shelf forever. One in particular I’m practically drooling over. I’m just *grabby hands* but I must wait. Must wait until the villain-a-thon starts.

That will be in September, by the way. I guess I should get down to the official rules or something.

The read-a-thon starts on September 1st and goes through October 31st. That’s the first thing you need to know. Dates matter. So, if you’re going to participate (please) this is when you should start.

Also something you should know: what you’re tracking. If you participate you’ll be tracking the number of books you’ve read, the number of pages you read, and, optionally, the amount of money you donate to Lily Meade’s GoFundMe campaign (more on that later though).

Next thing you need to know: what books count. I’m not 100% sure how other read-a-thons work. I know everyone runs them differently. But with mine I have a couple rules I’d like y’all who are participating to please follow. So here we go.

  1. It is required to read at least Victoria/V. E. Schwab book. I don’t care which one–they’re all fantastic.
  2. You can read any Middle Grade, Young Adult, or Adult novel you’d like as long as there’s a good villain in it. What determines a good villain is up to you. But if you’re feeling rom-com-y maybe this isn’t the read-a-thon for you. I love a good rom-com too! But probably not for this one I think.
  3. Graphic novels count! But only up to 3.
  4. Audiobooks count too–but only if you can track your pages with them.
  5. In addition to the Schwab book rule, you must read one book off of the List of Villains that I’ll provide. I’m still compiling it but once it’s done I’ll put up it in a separate post.

Final thing you need to know: a twitter thread tracking your books is necessary. This way everyone who is participating can see what everyone else is reading. It also is another way to keep track of the number of books you read, in case you’re like me, and you forget to update things sometimes. There’s a spot on the participant spreadsheet that asks for your twitter, and this is why. If you don’t have twitter but want to participate you can track on instagram as well! However please use this option only if you don’t have a twitter account, as it’s easier to put the books in a thread than track them through your insta feed. When you update your thread make sure you use the hashtag VillainAThon so we can all see what everyone is reading!

Those are it for the rules right now. And now, onto the fun part: what you get for participating! In addition to the awesome part where you get to knock a bunch of books off your TBR and added to your reading goal, you also could get prizes! Yes, there will be prizes for the villain-a-thon. I’m not going to tell you specifically what those prizes are–I like surprises (plus I’m still pulling them together)–but I will tell you what prizes go with what you’re tracking. The person who reads the most books will win a bookish prize pack. The person who reads the most pages will also win a bookish prize pack. The person who raises the most money for Lily’s fundraiser will win a bookish prize pack AND a surprise (unreleased) arc.

So, you’re probably wondering what the fundraiser thing is about. Well, Lily is a good friend of mine, and she is currently facing homelessness (again). She has a GoFundMe set up, and a PayPal, and a Patreon, and a Ko-Fi. Donations to any of these count towards the final total. This part is entirely optional, but encouraged. Not only would you be helping an amazing person out with a problem they do not deserve to be dealing with but you’re also entering yourself in for the chance to win a really cool prize! Lily and I will be working together to track donations, so make sure you put your name down when you donate and the reason “villain-a-thon”. If you know of anyone who wants to donate in your name as well you can absolutely count that! Just make sure when they donate they leave a message like “villain-a-thon donation for [insert name here]”. Again, I want to reiterate this is completely optional, but much appreciated.

That’s all for now! If I’ve intrigued you, you can add your name to the spreadsheet of participants right here.

I’m really excited for this to start, and I hope you are, too. If you’re going to participate please add yourself to the sheet, and let me know on twitter! I’ll be posting all of this information there as well. Can’t wait to get started 🙂


Author: In the Land of Pages

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