September Releases

Happy fall! I suck at life! Or blogging anyway.

What’s up world? How are we today? Are we so excited September is finally here? If the answer to that question is not a resounding “YES” then we can’t be friends anymore. This is my birth month and I am super excited damn it.

So, August was an eventful month for me. I went through a lot of FUN (not even close to fun) personal issues during the month that I will actually be talking about sooner rather than later hopefully in a post. Don’t worry they have to do with writing. I’m not going to go off on any random as hell tangents on you. No more than usual anyway.

In addition to Stressful Things happening almost all last month, some fun ones did as well. I finally finished my rewrite on my WIP and entered in into Pitch Wars. I barely made it. The submission window closed an hour after I turned everything in. Haha you wanna talk about stressful . . .

I also discovered that sometimes I can write with music. Everyone in the world does it besides me, so I thought I’d try it out. Turns out I can do it, but only for fight scenes and it has to be Super Intense Stuff. If anyone has a really good playlist they use for fight scenes please send it my way! I can’t do fluffy scenes with music, though. Not that there are many fluffy scenes in my angry, murder-y book, but I do have other projects . . . those are a secret though. And I’m not touching them for a while. Did I mention I barely finished my rewrite in time to submit to Pitch Wars? Yeah. I’m taking a little writing break for a while. Just for a couple weeks while I catch up on reading and reviewing.

WHICH REMINDS ME I have a few reviews heading your way this month, of books you’re most likely going to want to pick up. I’m in the middle of a few right now (namely Sadie, but I’ll squeal about that in it’s own post) and guys. Books are great. These books are so great. So many amazing books coming out this month.

So I suppose I should tell you what the amazing books coming out this month are, huh? Strap in and get comfy because you’re gonna be here for a little while.



Image result for the dark descent of elizabeth frankenstein

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White Taken in by the Frankensteins at a young age in order to befriend young Victor, Elizabeth has found herself inseparable from him ever since. But as she gets older and it gets harder and harder to keep Victor’s temper in check, she has to become more and more calculating. Keeping Victor happy is the goal. Her life just might depend on it. YA historical horror. Release Date: September 25th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for sadie courtney summer

Sadie by Courtney Summers When her sister dies, Sadie disappears. She’s had a hard enough life as it is, so the one person she cares about leaving her hits her hard. No one knows the truth about what happened except for her, or so everyone thinks. When her disappearance is picked up by popular radio host West McCray the world starts to follow along with her story. But will they get the answers they need, and find Sadie, before it’s too late? YA contemporary. Release Date: September 4th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for rule ellen goodlett

Rule by Ellen Goodlett The king is dying and the kingdom only has three options to choose from before they descend into anarchy. Or rather, three people. There’s Zafi, who can never let the world know how far she has gone to protect her band of Travelers. Akeylah, who is so desperate to escape her abusive father she makes a dangerous decision. And Ren, who has been trying to claw her way out of the servant’s chambers her entire life. All share one secret: they are the king’s illegitimate daughters. And one is destined to rule. YA fantasy. Release Date: September 11th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for a blade so black

A Blade So Black by L. L. McKinney Trained to battle the Nightmares in the dream-realm known as Wonderland, Alice refuses to let them come so close to killing her again. Yet life isn’t as simple as waking up to escape. The Nightmares are starting to encroach on her real-world life, and keeping them away is becoming a full-time job. When her mentor is poisoned Alice has to go deeper than ever before into Wonderland to find an antidote. But if she’s not careful she might lose more than she bargained for. YA fantasy. Release Date: September 25th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for escaping from houdini

Escaping from Houdini by Kerri Maniscalco In the third book in the Stalking Jack the Ripper series, Audrey Rose and her partner Thomas Cresswell travel to New York to solve another murder mystery. Along the way across the Atlantic they are charmed by the entertaining passengers on their ocean liner. It’s all fun and games until wealthy women begin to turn up missing. Now Audrey and Thomas have to piece together what’s going on before anyone else can end up dead. But when all signs point to the next victim being someone she loves, can Audrey find the killer in time? YA historical mystery. Release Date: September 18th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for to make monsters out of girls

to make monsters out of girls by Amanda Lovelace A moving and highly personal exploration of how an abusive relationship leaves a mark on you. I cannot even do this one justice with a description. The first in an illustrated duology that will question how one heals, or if one even does, from such experiences. Highly recommend checking out the other blurbs and Goodreads reviews on this one for further explanation. Release Date: September 18th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for the storm runner jc cervantes

The Storm Runner by J. C. Cervantes Zane just wants to explore the volcano near his home with his dog, Rosie. According to the new girl though, that’s not going to happen. Zane is destined to free a Maya god from the relic he’s imprisoned in, unless he can find and remove it first. But when he tries he discovers that he’s at the center of an all-out war between the gods. And one of those gods is his father. To survive he must become the Storm Runner. But that’s a lot of pressure to put on a boy who needs to walk with a cane. MG fantasy. Release Date: September 18th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for two dark reigns

Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake As this is the third book in the series I will give no summary because spoilers. BUT I will say this series is deliciously dark and incredibly fun to read. I love Kendare’s work and recommend these books to anyone who likes fantasy and badass girls making the world bow to them. It’s truly one to devour. YA fantasy. Release Date: September 4th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for pride ibi zoboi

Pride by Ibi Zoboi Zuri Benitez is proud of her neighborhood and her Afro-Latino heritage. But pride isn’t going to be enough to safe her home from gentrification. When the Darcy family movies in down the street Zuri wants nothing more than to avoid them. Except her sister is falling for their older son. Which means she has to deal with the irritating and arrogant Darius. Except, maybe he’s not so irritating. But when everyone in her life wants something different from her, it starts to tear her apart. Zuri needs to figure out where she belongs, and fast. YA contemporary. Release Date: September 18th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for for a muse of fire

For A Muse of Fire by Heidi Heilig Jetta’s family is one of the most acclaimed shadow players across the land. Their talent is so great it lands them a spot on a ship to Aquitan. The secret? Jetta sees recently-departed spirits, binding them to her puppets. But this magic is forbidden since the colonizers took over her land. Now she seeks the promise of a healing spring in the Mad King’s territory in Aquitan, as seeing spirits isn’t the only problem she has. But in a land poised for rebellion promises of safety aren’t all they seem to be. YA fantasy. Release Date: September 25th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for not even bones

Not Even Bones by Rebecca Schaeffer Nita isn’t the person who kills the supernatural beings to sell them online. That’s her mom’s job. But when she refuses to help dissect a live creature her mother brings home, Nita ends up being sold in it’s place. Now she has to work to find her way out of her cell, and make sure she never ends up back in this place again. YA fantasy/paranormal. Release Date: September 4th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for summer bird blue

Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman Rumi Seto doesn’t have all of the answers, and that bothers her a lot. But one thing she does know is that she wants to keep making music with her younger sister, Lea. But when Lea dies unexpectedly and her mother sends her away to live with an aunt in Hawaii, Rumi is left to deal with her grief alone. With some help from the boys next door she might be able to figure out how survive in a world where her sister no longer exists. She may even make her way back to the music she left behind. YA contemporary. Release Date: September 11th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for wildcard marie lu

Wildcard by Marie Lu Sequel to Warcross. No summary posted on my end because, again, spoilers. BUT I have heard insanely good things about the first book and those who’ve had the opportunity to read and advanced copy of Wildcard have had many good things to say. Marie Lu remains a phenomenally talented writer who everyone should read. YA Sci-Fi. Release Date: September 18th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for an absolutely remarkable thing

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green It’s three a.m. and all April May wants to do is get home. But when she finds the first of the Carls–exquisitely crafted statues–she and a friend take a video with it and upload it to YouTube. The next day she wakes up a viral sensation. Now she has to learn to adjust to her new life in the spotlight while figuring out exactly where these statues came from and what they mean. Fiction. Release Date: September 25th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for black wings beating

Black Wings Beating by Alex London In the land of Uztar nothing is more sacred than the birds of prey that take to their skies, and the falconers who control them. Kylee wants to escape her fate as a falconer while her twin Brysen wants nothing more than to be one. Kylee has almost found her way out, until war makes its way to their home. Now the twins must seek out the Ghost Eagle to protect themselves, those they love, and their futures. But they’re going to have to find it quickly to escape those who hunt them. YA fantasy. Release Date: September 25th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for vengeful v e schwab

Vengeful by V. E. Schwab Yet another sequel. Listen these books are good okay? They’re worth reading. Especially when it comes to V. E. Schwab. This book is the second in the Villains series. I’m telling you that you absolutely need to pick up anything written by this author but especially this one. Seriously. Read it. Fantasy. Release Date: September 25th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Also, this isn’t a release but these editions of The Hate U Give will be coming out in September and they’re super pretty so I’m just gonna put the covers here because I love them. Don’t forget the movie comes out this fall!

The Hate U Give Collector's Edition            The Hate U Give Movie Tie-in Edition

And, speaking of movies, has everyone read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before? By Jenny Han? You, of course, know what I’m talking about. If not I don’t know why you are still reading this when you should be reading the book and squealing over the movie on Netflix. I’ve watched it four times already. I gotta say, if there had been a guy like Peter K in my high school, maybe I would’ve dated. Or college. Is there an adult Peter K somewhere? If there is someone should find him and send him my way. Or have they all been snatched up by the time adulthood rolls around?

Right. Tangents.

Anyway that’s it for today! As you can see September is gonna be a bad month for my bank account, but a great one for my TBR. Speaking of which, one of these days I’m going to count how many books are actually on it. The estimated answer? Too many. Not enough. You get the idea.

Okay, I’m off to finish Sadie and scream about it to anyone who will listen. I’m sure my co-workers are glad I’m not working today since I’d probably be like “Y’ALL LOOK AT HOW AWESOME THIS BOOK IS EVERYBODY READ IT” and then they’d run away or fire me for being annoying. Which I’m surprised hasn’t happened already. You’ve probably already come to the conclusion I’m pretty annoying. Now imagine having to work with me. Yeah. Bet you’re grateful you only have to deal with my blog posts now.

Cool so I’m gonna go read. Review for Sadie coming very soon! Bye!



August Releases

Miss me? No? Too bad. I’m back.

I gave you guys a week between posts so that you wouldn’t have to deal with me. That’s what nice people do, right?

Okay, you caught me, I wasn’t being nice. I was just busy and couldn’t get this posted right away. It’s back to school time and work sucks. But at least I’m getting paid for it, so it evens out.

I know you guys are so looking forward to all the releases this month. Me too. I was actually at Barnes & Noble last weekend and couldn’t wait for the coming weeks to see some books on the shelves. There are a few titles I’ve been waiting several months for releasing this month, and I’m so excited to squeal over them. What are they you ask? Well, I’ll tell you right now!

Image result for these rebel waves

These Rebel Waves by Sara Raasch Adeluna is a soldier, but when the war is over and the peace accords fall apart she has to try and track down the missing delegate before bloody justice can be fulfilled. Devereux is a pirate, a stream raider, and, when the diplomat goes missing, a target. Benat is a prince with an impossible task–make Argrid stop fearing magic. Together, the three of them must team up to bring peace back before war starts once again. YA Fantasy. Release Date: August 7th (today!). About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for pillow thoughts II

Pillow Thoughts II: Healing the Heart by Courtney Peppernell A poetry collection that will capture your soul. Yes, I had the chance to read an early copy (thank you NetGalley) and yes, it tore my soul to shreds and put it back together again the way only good poetry can. Following the first collection, Pillow Thoughts II is a comfort and healing for anyone who has ever been heartbroken. Poetry collection. Release Date: August 7th (today!). About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N Indiebound.

Image result for a touch of gold

A Touch of Gold by Annie Sullivan Despite that King Midas gave up his golden touch, his daughter Kora still wears her golden skin. She spends her days hidden away until a duke comes to visit. Kora is just starting to feel like maybe someone out there isn’t afraid of her curse when a thief takes everything the royal family has. Now it’s up to her to get it all back. Along the way she learns maybe her curse is more than she realized–and maybe she’s not ready to pay the price for it. YA Fantasy. Release Date: August 14th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for catwoman soulstealer

Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sarah J Maas Selina Kyle has returned to Gotham, two years after escaping its slums. Of course, she waited until Batman was out of town, and certainly wasn’t going to use her real name. Left behind to protect the city while Bruce Wayne is gone, Luke Fox is eager to prove his worth as Batwing. And what better way to do it than take down a thief who has teamed up with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn? Selina and Luke are about to go head to head, and both might not walk away from this fight. YA Fantasy. Release Date: August 7th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for seafire natalie parker

Seafire by Natalie C Parker Caledonia has been captaining her ship since warlord Aric Athair murdered her family. Her crew is made of women and girls like her and they’ve dedicated their lives to bringing down the warlord who ruined them. Everything changes when Caledonia’s second-in-command gets injured. Now Caledonia has a hurt crew, a rogue Bullet supposedly looking to defect from Aric’s army, and a whole lot of questions. YA Fantasy. Release Date: August 28th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for city of ghosts victoria schwab

City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab Cassidy is an In-Betweener: she can see ghosts. Her parents? Not so much. But, they’re the ones with the ghost-hunting TV show. When the show goes to Scotland Cass and her best friend Jake tag along. Well, no one else knows about Jake, him being a ghost and all. Until Cassidy meets Lara, an In-Betweener like her. Now she has more questions than ever about her power, but no time to find answers. Dangerous ghosts are drawn to Cass, and one of the most dangerous just set its sights on her. MG Fantasy. Release Date: August 28th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for darius the great is not okay

Darius the Great is Not Okay by Adib Khorram Darius is taking his first ever trip to Iran and he’s kind of nervous. It’s a lot for him to deal with on top of his depression, lack of friends, and a father who doesn’t do anything to hide his disappointment. Still, it’s not that bad. Getting to know his Iranian family is pretty cool, and getting to know Sohrab, the boy next door, is even better. Sohrab makes everything seem like it will be okay. But what’s going to happen when Darius has to leave Sohrab behind at the end of the summer? YA Contemp. Release Date: August 28th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for see all the stars

See All The Stars by Kit Frick Ellory’s friend group used to be inseparable. Now? They’ve been torn apart by secrets, lies, and something even worse. After a two-month suspension and an entire summer away, Ellory returns for her senior year alone and defeated. Some people support her, some hate her, some seek her out for advice. One person leaves her notes, reminding her of everything that happened and her complicity in it. Moving forward through all of this is going to be nearly impossible. Nearly. Release Date: August 14th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for toil and trouble tess sharpe

Toil & Trouble by Tess Sharpe All the witches across all the lands unite for these fabulous stories. An anthology of fifteen witch stories crossing genre lines to bring readers multiple diverse points of view. Contributors consist of Anna-Marie McLemore, Zoraida Cordova, and more. As it’s an anthology spanning across several different genre lines I can’t say much regarding content but I’ve heard good things and I’m excited for it. Release Date: August 28th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for mirage somaiya daud

Mirage by Somaiya Daud All Amani wants is an adventure beyond her isolated little moon. She knows there’s a fate out there for her that doesn’t involve living under the Vathek occupation. Too bad no one ever gets what they want. When Amani is kidnapped by the royal family she finds out her true fate is to serve as the, truly despised, princess’s body double. Things aren’t all bad in the palace, but if Amani ever wants to see her family again, she has to play her part perfectly. If she doesn’t it’s her life on the line. YA Fantasy. Release Date: August 28th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for star-touched stories

Star-Touched Stories by Roshani Chokshi A set of short stories that take place in the world of the star-touched queen. As someone in love with Chokshi’s writing (have you seen her lush settings and gorgeous characters? No? What are you doing with your life?) I am personally looking forward to this collection immensely. That’s my version of a summary for this one. Get it. YA Fantasy. Release Date: August 7th (today!). About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for our stories our voices

Our Stories Our Voices by Amy Reed An essay collection containing stories from twenty-one different authors about empowerment and injustice in America. With contributors like Maureen Goo, Sandhya Menon, and so many more this anthology discusses what it’s like to grow up as a girl in America, and what that means when race, religion, and ethnicity are brought into the conversation. Release Date: August 14th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for we regret to inform you ariel kaplan

We Regret to Inform You by Ariel Kaplan Mischa should have had no problem getting into her top choice colleges. She’s practically the poster-child for well-rounded after all. So why are all of the schools she applied to saying no? Even her safeties turn her down. In order to get to the bottom of things she and her best friend/sometimes crush Nate must team with a group of hackers to find out what’s really going on. But will it be enough to salvage the future Mischa had in mind? Release Date: August 21st. About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for the dark beneath the ice

The Dark Beneath the Ice by Amelinda Berube Marianne is not alright and it’s not just because her personal life is sort of messed up ever since she quit dancing. She’s blacking out and things keep breaking whenever she gets near them. She isn’t sure what exactly is happening but she knows it’s time to try and fix it. That’s when things go from bad to worse. Now Marianne has to find and deliver whatever the demon presence believes it’s owed or she’s going to end up trapped on the wrong side of the veil forever. Release Date: August 7th (today!). About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

Image result for mother knows best serena valentino

Mother Knows Best by Serena Valentino We all know the story of Disney’s Rapunzel–kidnapped by an old witch so she may stay young forever but the princess escapes and gets her happily ever after. But what we don’t know is that’s only one side of the story. What made the witch the way she was? What is her story? A tale of mothers and daughters, magic and mundane, that is her story. Release Date: August 7th (today!). About: Goodreads. Purchase: B&N IndieBound.

So who here thinks they can read all sixteen of these books this month? I don’t. I can’t do it. Sixteen books in a month is insane to me. If you can do it though I swear I’ll buy you your 2019 release of choice because that’s impressive. I do hope y’all read some of these books though. I am on my way to pick up my copy of Catwoman from the library in just a few minutes, so there’s one for me! (Yes I pre-ordered a copy but it won’t be here until later this week and I am hugely impatient to read this book and LIBRARIES RULE DON’T FIGHT ME ON THIS.)

Okay I have a ton to do today and my to-do list still has more boxes open than checked and it’s driving me nuts. Must go. Read books. Enjoy them. Bye!



July Releases


So, we survived June (wow that feels like a miracle, doesn’t it?) and now we are truly in the swing of summer. The 90+ degree weather was a dead giveaway for that I’m betting, though, right?

Today is going to be an incredibly quick post because I am really busy lately (which is why this is so freaking late). Sorry 😦 BUT I am off work today (that hasn’t happened in a while) and climbed out of my writing hidey-hole to bring you the July Book Releases!! Here are some books coming out this month that you should check out.

The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas Five years ago tragic accidents befell the cheerleading squad, leading to their disbanding. Now Monica, the sister of one of those dead cheerleaders, has been chosen to help honor the fallen on the five year anniversary. Except, she just wants to forget. But that’s not about to happen. What went down five years ago was only the beginning and Monica is about to find that out firsthand. Release Date: July 31. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Bright We Burn by Kiersten White The epic conclusion to the best-selling Conqueror’s Saga. NO SPOILERS HERE (I can’t give any anyway. I’ve only read book one). All I’m gonna say here is there’s a reason everyone I’ve talked to is in love with these books. Release Date: July 10 (TODAY). About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Kiss of the Royal by Lindsey Dilga The world is at war and the royals are losing. Princess Ivy is determined to end things once and for all. Prince Zach is one of the most skilled swordsmen in the kingdom. They need to work together to win this war. Now if only they could put aside their differences and actually do it. Release Date: July 3 (already out!). About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Sea Witch by Sarah Henning Before there was the Little Mermaid, there was a sea witch. And before there was a sea witch there was a girl. Evie has been an outcast since her best friend Anna drowned. But when a girl who looks eerily like Anna appears off-shore, Evie will do anything to help her save her humanity. But does ‘anything’ mean sacrificing the heart of the prince she loves? Release Date: July 31. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Yeah I wasn’t kidding when I said this was going to be short. I’m on fire with my WIP (and also in the middle of The Cheerleaders which you should all buy on July 31st). I hope you guys see some books you like here and that you’ll read! Bye!



Some Pride Books for Your TBR



Ah, I love June. June is a great month. Even if it’s been cloudy the whole damn month. Isn’t June supposed to be sunny and fun? Where is the sun hiding? But, anyway.

Happy Pride Month to the LGBTQIA+ community. I’m deeply glad to celebrate pride this year and I hope everyone else is enjoying this important month as well.

So, since it’s Pride, I thought I’d put together a list of ten awesome books starring members of the LGBTQIA+ community that are coming out this year. Or already came out. I want to say I haven’t read all of these books yet (since some of them haven’t come out yet, I mean, that’s obvious) but they all have good reviews on goodreads and I’ve heard good things. And there are a couple I have read and . . . no spoilers but I LOVE.


Without further ado: Ten Books You Need on Your TBR This Pride Month


1. Ship It by Britta Lundin Claire is a fangirl hired onto her favorite show’s press tour. Forest is the reason she’s there–and he’s not happy about it. And Tess? Well, Tess is the cute artist who keeps showing up who Claire can’t help but notice. Read more here!


2. Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann Alice has a perfect plan that does not involve dating–not anymore, anyway. That is, until she meets Takumi. Read more here!


3. The Brightsiders by Jen Wilde Emmy King’s life is kind of a mess with her face splashed across the tabloids and her girlfriend in jail. Good thing her band mate Alfie is there to help her pick up the pieces. Read more here!


4. Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli Leah’s friend group has started drifting apart at the worst time. On top of normal senior year stress she has a secret crush–and it’s someone she never thought she’d be crushing on. Read more here!


5. People Like Us by Dana Mele Kay has been keeping a secret for a long time. But if she can’t figure out who killed one of her classmates it’s not going to be a secret much longer. Read more here!


6. What If It’s Us by Adam Silvera & Becky Albertalli Told in alternating points of view, Ben and Arthur struggle throughout the course of the summer to find out if the universe really is on their side. Read more here!


7. The Summer of Jordi Perez by Amy Spalding Abby is a private person who just nailed an internship at her local boutique. But when her co-worker/crush takes her out of the shadows and into the spotlight things go off the rails a bit. Read more here!


8. The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats & Piracy by Mackenzi Lee Sequal to Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue following Felicity as she dodges proposals and tries to make her way across Europe to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor. Of course, getting there might prove to be a bit of a problem. Read more here!


9. All Out by Saundra Mitchell An anthology spanning across different time periods and genres. Featuring stories from 17 authors across the LGBTQIA+ community this anthology gives readers stories of queer characters shaping the world around them. Read more here!


10. Anger is a Gift by Mark Oshiro Moss has been dealing with his anger for years over the shooting of his father by an Oakland police officer. Now that he and his classmates are getting treated more like criminals than students, the anger is piling up. But when tragedy hits he starts to realize anger doesn’t have to be a curse. Read more here!

This is so far from a complete list it’s kinda ridiculous . . . but it is a good start for releases this year I think. If there’s any I missed or any books you’re SUPER excited about that I didn’t put on this list feel free to leave them in the comments! My TBR is a mile high right now but I am always looking for new books to add onto it.

ALSO!! Here are a few other lists I’ve seen floating around my twitter feed (do you see how I linked twitter there? you should totally click it)(and follow me)(come be my friend).

Epic Reads



Alright I’ve got some reading to get back to. Happy Pride Month (again!!).


June Releases

Hi hi hi!

I am hyper. And happy. And surrounded by books. Which is why I’m happy. As you’ve no doubt guessed from my previous post I am neck deep in background reading research at the moment. Which means lots of books hanging around my office. Even more than normal. Currently working my way through Miles Morales (it’s really good).

In between many life things going on (sadly no exaggeration I’m mega busy lately)(but at least only mega busy working in my house and at my job and not running around everywhere)(but I’m doing exciting stuff I can’t wait to see finished) I am bringing you what is one of my favorite posts of the month: the monthly releases post!!

So obviously it’s time for June releases (I know, the title of the post wasn’t a dead giveaway at all) but I want to say a little something before I get into the book list for this month. As I’ve already said, this has become one of my favorite posts to write. I know I mostly stick to book reviews and writing on here, but these kinds of posts have been insanely fun for me. I love looking through lists of books coming out, reading summaries, reviews, getting excited about all the amazing stories being released that month. I know these aren’t my most popular posts and that most people don’t even really read them, but I love writing them. I love putting these together for you guys, even if the majority of people aren’t really looking at them. If you are though, thanks. I hope you find a book or two to look at this month from this list.

And now, to the list!

Save the Date by Morgan Matson Charlie’s sister is getting married this weekend and she can’t wait. It’s the last time the whole family will be together before the house is sold and they’re all split up again. Except the weekend? Yeah, it’s an epic disaster. And amidst all of the chaos and things going wrong and the brother who didn’t tell her he was bringing home a girl she’s got to deal with the wedding planner’s nephew who is, surprisingly, kinda cute. Over the course of the next three days Charlie is going to realize exactly what her future has in store–and maybe let go of the past in the process. YA contemporary. Release Date: June 5th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Image result for a reaper at the gates sabaa tahir

A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir As this is part of a series I won’t say anything in order to avoid spoilers. But I WILL say that Sabaa Tahir is fabulous and you should all read her because she’s awesome and so is this YA fantasy series. Release Date: June 12th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Image result for a thousand beginnings and endings ellen oh

A Thousand Beginnings and Endings by Ellen Oh An anthology of YA fantasy short stories by fifteen acclaimed authors. Fifteen retellings of South and East Asian folklore and mythology. The writers contributing to this anthology are Renee Ahdieh, Sona Charaipotra, Preeti Chhibber, Roshani Chokshi, Aliette de Bodard, Melissa de la Cruz, Julie Kagawa, Rahul Kanakia, Lori M. Lee, E. C. Myers, Cindy Pon, Aisha Saeed, Shveta Thakrar, and Alyssa Wong. Release Date: June 26th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

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Bruja Born by Zoraida Córdova Again as this is a sequel I won’t provide details in order to avoid spoilers. However, I will say that the Brooklyn Brujas books have an average four star rating and a multitude of good reviews. Not to mention Córdova’s writing it captivating and sucks you in until the very end. Release Date: June 5th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

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Miriam Sharma Hits the Road by Sheba Karim Miriam is looking forward to spending the summer after her freshman year of college with her best friends, Ghazala and Umar. But when a picture of Ghaz shows up on a billboard in Times Square they decide it’s time for a road trip. So, the friends pile in the car and head south the New Orleans. They have plenty of adventures along the way but there are still questions lingering. It is up to the friends to stick together and find the answers they’re looking for. YA contemporary. Release Date: June 5th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

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Not the Girls You’re Looking For by Aminah Mae Safi Lulu Saad is fine. She’s totally fine. There were a few incidents–that boy almost drowning at the pool party and the minor scene during Ramadan–but she’s got it under control. Except, okay, maybe she doesn’t. And if she can’t figure out how to fix this there might be bigger things at stake than a few pissed off friends. Lulu might have to figure out just who she really wants to be. YA contemporary. Release Date: June 19th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Sooooooo you might notice that this list is shorter than in months past. That’s because since it’s pride month there will be an extra list coming your way soon! This won’t be specifically June releases, but it’s a list I’m looking forward to making nonetheless.

Let me know what books you’re looking forward to coming out this month in the comments!


April Releases

Hello world!

I hope everyone is enjoying their April so far. We had some snow, which wasn’t fun to drive in. Nor was it fun to walk on campus with snow blowing at you at 8:30 in the morning. But it was just as not-fun walking to class later in the day while I sweat from the sunshine, so, I mean . . .  shrug. That’s a really long way of saying I hate fickle weather. I hope the start of your April was better than that.

I know I’m massively late, later than usual even on this, but it’s time for Monthly Book Releases: April Edition.

You know how every month I say that it’s going to be a great book month? This month is no exception. However, this might be a particularly squeal-y month for me, since there are a couple of books I’ve been waiting MANY MONTHS for finally coming out this month. Hint: one of them comes from the same author who brought you this (in book form) –


I don’t think I ever gushed about my love for Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda, but I’m 99% sure I jumped up and down over here over The Upside of Unrequited (metaphorically)(okay literally)(I love Becky Albertalli y’all).

ANYWAY my little comments aside, there are (as usual) a bunch of awesome books coming out this month. Should we look at them? I think we should.

Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody A YA Fantasy that follows Enne, a proper young lady who is trying to find her missing mother. Her only lead? A trail leading to New Reynes and the name Levi Glaisyer. But Levi isn’t a gentleman; he’s a conman. The pair must go on adventures throughout the city to find Enne’s mother and maybe even save one another. Release Date: April 10th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: AmazonB&N

Dread Nation by Justina Ireland Jane McKeene is in training to become an Attendant–one of the elite who are trained to protect the well-off in an America ravaged by walking dead. It’s one of the better opportunities for a black girl like her in Civil War-era US. But all Jane wants is to get back to her family in Kentucky. When families around Baltimore start disappearing, though, it’s up to her to find out what’s happening–and figure out how to fight an enemy that makes the undead the least of her problems. YA Fantasy. Release Date: April 3rd (Already out!). About: Goodreads. Purchase: AmazonB&N

Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian Ten years after seeing her mother murdered and her kingdom taken over, mocked Ash Princess Theodosia is forced to kill off her last hope of escape. In return, she vows vengeance, pledging to seduce the Kaiser’s son. She doesn’t count on falling for the Prinz. And she really doesn’t count on the rebels who’ve had her back turning on her unless she hands over her heart’s sister, Cress. A YA Fantasy about finding out how far you’ll go to get back what yours–and how much of yourself you’re willing to lose in the process. Release Date: April 24th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli A YA Contemporary that follows Leah, a drummer and bisexual girl who knows what she’s doing behind a drum kit but ask her about the rest of her life and she has no idea. She hasn’t told anyone she’s bi other than her mom, despite that her best friend Simon Spier is openly gay. She’s just not sure what to do, and with graduation looming and her formerly tight-knit friend group growing farther and farther apart, she’s got to decide soon. Release Date: April 24th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young Eelyn is a warrior for the Aska clan, sworn enemy to the Riki. In this YA Fantasy she battles against those who would do her clan harm–until one day she sees her brother among those people. Her brother she thought died five years before. Now she must survive among the Riki while dealing with her brother’s betrayal. But when an enemy clan everyone thought to be a myth attacks, she must try and unite the peoples to fight side by side, or they’ll all be slaughtered. Release Date: April 24th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Love Songs & Other Lies by Jessica Pennington A YA Contemporary following Virginia and Cam, two years post-breakup. The two haven’t seen each other since but now have to spend the summer on a tour bus while trying to promote Cam’s band. An entire summer on a reality-show battle of the bands tour . . . Vee and Cam can handle it, right? But with the cameras rolling 24/7 and Cam’s relentless pursuit of Vee’s forgiveness some secrets might get shared that were better left unsaid. Release Date: April 24th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

White Rabbit by Caleb Roehrig When Rufus’s ex-boyfriend Sebastian shows up out of nowhere wanting to talk, he thinks things can’t get much worse than that. But then his sister calls, begging for help. When he and Sebastian find her covered in blood and standing next to the body of her boyfriend, he knows he was wrong. She swears she didn’t do it but Rufus knows she’s hiding something. Now he and Sebastian have to work together for one night to prove his sister’s innocence or there could be dire consequences. YA Mystery/Thriller. Release Date: April 24th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Picture Us in the Light by Kelly Loy Gilbert A year after a tragic accident shook up his life, Danny Cheng seems to have it all together. He’s ready to leave for art school but the idea of leaving his best friend Harry Wong behind is daunting. And when family secrets come to light and the world Danny thought he had starts to unravel around him, he starts questioning everything–including his best friend’s love for his girlfriend. With everything spinning out of control it’s time Danny faces up to the past to make sure he has a future. YA Contemporary. Release Date: April 10th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

The Summer of Jordi Perez by Amy Spalding Abby Ives just wants to focus on her plus-size fashion blog. She’s perfectly willing to be the sidekick in other peoples’ lives. Then she makes the mistake of falling for her co-worker, Jordi, and when her photography starts shifting the attention Abby’s way she doesn’t know if she likes the spotlight. To top it off, she’s somehow agreed to help the local lacrosse jock, Jax, eat his way across the LA burger scene. Will she be able to reconcile the person she wants to be with the one she’s becoming? YA Contemporary. Release Date: April 3rd (Already out!). About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

The Diminished by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson In a world where nearly everyone is born with a twin, to be born without makes you royalty. That’s where Bo Trousillion comes in. A singleborn he is destined to rule the empire, even if he doesn’t feel quite ready for it. While most are born with a twin, sometimes those twins die. That’s where Vi Abernathy is at. Her sister died in infancy, leaving Vi with a life she dreams to escape after her family disowns her. Two different people on very different paths in life–until their sixteenth birthdays approach, when fate reveals just how much of a twist it has in store for them. Release Date: April 10th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

I actually had more titles lined up to show you guys, but figured since I’m so late as it is I’ll get these to you now. If you have any suggested books or books you’ve read this month you don’t see on the list comment them below! And, as always, feel free to talk to me anytime here or on twitter.

Gotta go. Sorry again for the lateness.


March Releases

Hey all!

I hope y’all enjoyed my Sightwitch review earlier this week (last week? I don’t know. Depends on when you consider the week to start). I also recently finished People Like Us by Dana Mele and will hopefully have that review for you soon. I will say I recommend both books!

Of course, the reason I’m writing this post is not to remind you that I post book reviews (but hey here and here are the reviews I posted before Sightwitch if you want to maybe check them out)(side note I will be posting more writing content soon I swear). The reason I’m writing this is because it is time for . . .


Was that showing proper excitement? That’s about right for how I feel. I know I’m four days late (and I suck) but this is a good book month. I’m so serious. There are some killer books coming out this month you guys. I am so excited to tell you all about them!! Starting now.

Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough A YA Historical novel in verse inspired by the life and trials of famous painter Artemisia Gentileschi. Set in Rome in 1610, the young woman faces a choice after she is raped: she can keep quiet or speak up, consequences be damned. Release Date: March 6th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Children of Blood & Bone by Tomi Adeyemi A YA Fantasy debut about Orïsha, a land formerly filled with magic, and Zélie, the girl who is going to bring it all back. She is determined to overthrow the monarchy that ordered magi like her mother murdered. But she only has one shot and doesn’t need growing feelings getting in the way of taking it. Release Date: March 6th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Tyler Johnson Was Here by Jay Coles A YA Contemporary about Marvin, a young boy whose brother Tyler went to a party and then promptly went missing. A video later surfaces that shows Tyler was killed by a police officer after they’d raided the party he was at. Now Marvin needs to learn how to cope with this loss while watching his brother turn into a symbol. Release Date: March 20th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X. R. Pan When Leigh’s mother committed suicide, she’s absolutely certain that she turned into a bird. This YA Contemporary follows her on her journey to Taiwan to meet her maternal grandparents and find her mother, the bird. Along the way she must learn how to cope with her loss and forge new relationships. Release Date: March 20th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

the witch doesn’t burn in this one by Amanda Lovelace This book of poetry is the second in the “women are some kind of magic series”. Lovelace explores what it means to be a powerful woman and how they are often demonized, but not here. She creates empowering and vividly bold poems that her readers can relate to in countless ways. Release Date: March 6th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Nothing Left to Burn by Heather Ezell A YA Contemporary spanning the course of an action-packed 24 hours. Sixteen-year-old Audrey is forced to evacuate her home after the wildfires sweeping through California get too close. While trying to come to terms with potentially losing her family home, she also has to deal with Brooks, the volunteer firefighter who may have a darker past than he initially let on. Release Date: March 13th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Not If I Save You First by Ally Carter A YA Contemporary about Maddie, daughter to a secret service agent and formerly the president’s son’s best friend. But after six years in the Alaskan wilderness, she’s not too concerned about him anymore. Until he shows up, and brings trouble right to her door. She wants to kill him, but when he gets kidnapped, it looks like she’ll have to save him first. Release Date: March 27th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

The Beauty that Remains by Ashley Woodfolk A YA Contemporary that follows Autumn, Shay, and Logan as they each watch their lives unexpectedly crumble around them. Music is just not enough anymore, until they can come back together as a band and see that sometimes when the smoke clears there is beauty left behind. Release Date: March 6th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo A YA Fantasy about Lira, a deadly siren princess who collects the hearts of princes. When she’s forced to kill one of her own, though, her mother the Sea Queen forces her to live as a human. The only way to return to her home is to bring her mother the heart of Prince Elain by the winter solstice. But Prince Elain is determined to wipe out the sirens, and with Lira’s promised help he can. Too bad he doesn’t trust her. Release Date: March 6th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Olivia Twist by Lorie Langdon This YA Historical retelling of Oliver Twist follows Olivia Brownlow, formerly raised among London’s street gangs but now a high society debutante who can’t seem to forget her past–or the people still living like she did. Enter Jack MacCarron, the “nephew” of a high society woman who is helping her rob people blind. He can’t seem to figure out why Olivia looks so familiar, but he wants to. And he’s willing to go pretty far to find out. Release Date: March 6th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

The Final Six by Alexandra Monir A YA Sci-Fi about Leo and Naomi, two very different people who were both chosen to attend International Space Training Camp after climate change has ravaged the earth. Leo wants is to help save humankind after he lost his family to the floods in Rome. Naomi wants to find out what the ISTC is hiding. They form a friendship, but among the 24 teens present, only six can make it to the end. Release Date: March 6th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw Every summer, the ghosts of three murdered sisters rise up and claim the bodies of weak-hearted girls in order to drown local boys for revenge for their deaths. Penny Talbot knows this, and accepts it, until Bo Carter arrives. Now she’s got a choice to make–save herself, or save him. YA Fantasy. Release Date: March 6th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo In this YA novel in verse, Xiomara Batista pours everything she has into her poetry. But she can never let anyone know. When she’s invited to perform at her school’s slam poetry club, she can’t think about anything else. And maybe this time she’s done keeping her thoughts to herself. Release Date: March 6th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

The Midnights by Sara Nicole Smetana A YA Contemporary about Susannah, who just wants to follow in her rock star father’s footsteps. But when he dies unexpectedly, it destroys her. In the aftermath, her mother moves them to a new city, where she reinvents herself and leaves the past in the past. But her secrets might catch up with her, and she’s not the only one keeping them. Release Date: March 6th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Time Bomb by Joelle Charbonneau This YA Contemporary features an eclectic cast of characters who are thrown together by extreme circumstances–namely a bomb. Now they’re trapped in a school together trying to find out who the bomber is, and looking at each other for answers. Release Date: March 13th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Honor Code by Kiersi Burkhart This YA Contemporary follows Sam as she excitedly navigates Edwards Academy–only to learn there’s more than a little hazing involved with being a new student. And when she’s paired with an older student and something happens, she’s forced to figure out if the future she’s always dreamed of is worth keeping her mouth shut and losing the justice she deserves. Release Date: March 1st (already out!). About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

A Kiss in the Dark by Gina Ciocca When the lights go out at her high school’s football game, Macy finds herself on the receiving end of a kiss. When the lights come back on, though, the kisser is gone. Still, Macy thinks there’s something familiar about the kisser. Trying to figure out just who this guy is leads to the reopening of some old wounds. And all to find out that her mystery kisser might not be the same person she’s falling for in the light of day. YA Contemporary. Release Date: March 6th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Chaotic Good by Whitney Gardner In this YA Contemporary Cameron just wants to perfect her costume portfolio and get into the CalTech costume department. Once her cosplay starts getting her attention, she’s forced to disguise herself as a boy to work in the local comic book shop. But it’s hard to keep up once she joins a D&D campaign, and it’s even harder when she starts to get feelings for one of the other players. Release Date: March 13th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

Reflection: A Twisted Tale by Elizabeth Yim When Captain Shang is taken to the Underworld after being wounded in battle, Mulan travels down to find him. King Yama isn’t so quick to give him up, though. Now Mulan, disguised as Ping, must scour the Underworld in search of him. And when she finds him, she must decide if she should tell him the truth about her identity. If she finds him. A YA Fantasy retelling. Release Date: March 27th. About: Goodreads. Purchase: Amazon B&N

March 6th and March 20th are going to be busy days, just saying. Also, I did warn you guys that March was going to be a longer post. There are just a lot of good books coming out this month you guys. WARNING: A LOT OF THESE DEAL WITH SENSITIVE CONTENT AND I WOULD CHECK FOR TRIGGER WARNINGS BEFORE READING. I won’t be able to read any of them until later this week (thanks midterms) but if you read any of them comment your thoughts! Or come talk to me on twitter!

Alright, sadly I have to go. Studying waits for no one and my Greek midterm is not going to go well unless I actually, you know, look at the Greek. Bye!


3/21/18 UPDATE: I have removed Miles Away From You from this list due to harmful content as explained in my review. My deepest and most sincere apologies for its placement here in the first place.